White flowers – the picture of purity, softness and simplicity. White daisies in dainty posies or by the armful – what could be fresher? Huge bouquets of white roses in voluptuous arrangements around the reception venue in glass containers.

Jasmine in trailing strands in a bouquet will add perfume, and white violets in tiny vases dotted along tables will add a touch of daintiness. White orchids will be elegant with their almost plastic ‘perfect – ness’ in tall vases arching over the silverware. Australian natives including flannel flowers and grevillea would look elegant with grey/silver foliage and tied with grey or silver ribbon. In a garden setting large bowls or ponds with white water lilies look almost luminous shimmering in the sunlight.

Imagine walking through a field amongst the white trunks of silver birch trees and at your feet white wildflowers or narcissus (daffodils or perfumed jonquils) – what an enchanting setting for your photographs or reception.

Bouquets from Martha Stewart Weddings