Have you thought of not giving your guests a wedding favour on the day of the wedding? A shocking idea? Maybe! But what about thinking a little differently?

But consider this! If you are going overseas for your honeymoon, what about bringing back a small easily packed gift from the country you are visiting and include this with your thank you note – which of course you would be writing to each guest on your return!

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In all countries you will find unique gifts in markets, out of the way hidden gems, or simply cookbooks unique to the country you are visiting. Sarongs, basket ware, pearls or jewellery from the Pacific Islands, tinware from Mexico, chocolate from Belgium, textiles from South America, perfume in tiny bottles from France, wonderful sweets or tiny clogs from Holland, Murano glass from Italy (if your budget stretches this far!) or tiles and pottery from Spain. Try fans from Japan, or silk from Thailand. Be sure to check with customs before you go to the expense of buying.

Fan from Web Japan

The list is as endless as your imagination. Packaged in a small box with a little story attached of your travels, they will be a delight to receive, for any guest and would work especially well with intimate celebrations!