2008 was a glorious year on Polka Dot Bride! Here’s a look back at ten of my favourite posts!

The ABC Of Weddings

The ABC Of Weddings was such a great challenge to write- I loved pouring over ideas for everything from bouquet ties to how to create a lolly buffet to different ways of using a monogram! See the full alphabet here.

Mr Polka Dot Takes Over The Blog For Polka Dot Groom

I loved Polka Dot Groom month! I learnt so much and I know even Mr Polka had fun! Some fantastic guest posters visited the blog and even Mr Polka Dot put his fingers to the keys and wrote about how to pick the perfect car for your wedding day! View the full roundup here!

Henry Roth Announces The Winner Of The “Win A Wedding Dress” Competition

I felt so honoured to have Henry Roth visit Polka Dot Bride and announce the winner of the massive Win A Wedding dress competition! Henry was fabulous in Project Runway Australia and I’m even more delighted Project Runway Australia has been picked up for a second season! Henry Roth may just pop up again this year on Polka Dot Bride- so keep your eye out!

Wedding Music Video

I loved this wedding video– it makes me smile every time I watch it! What a production!

Create A Wedding Time Capsule

So many Polka Dot Bride readers loved the idea of creating a wedding time capsule!

Your Guide To A Polka Dot Wedding

I couldn’t make this list and leave out polka dots! Your Guide To A Polka Dot Wedding was a round up of some great polka dot posts from around the web!

A Recycled Wedding Dress

I really enjoyed working with Polka Dot Bride reader Jessica during her HSC and was so thrilled when she sent me the final result of her months of hard work! A recycled wedding dress!

Chocolate and Grey

I love creating inspiration boards! This Melbourne inspired chocolate and grey board was one of my favourites!

Girl With A Satchel Walks Down The Aisle

It’s always really special to share weddings on Polka Dot Bride and I enjoy all the weddings I share! One of the first ones I shared was of fellow blogger Girl With A Satchel who married in Queensland. Erica wrote such a beautiful, detailed account of her wedding I shared it in four parts! (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four)

The Great Barn Hunt

After a reader emailed me looking for a barn outside of Sydney, I set to work creating a long list for her in The Great Barn Hunt. I had so many requests for the list it became a post! Now the challenge is on to find barns in other states!

It was so hard to narrow this list down to ten- I had such a lot of fun in 2008 on Polka Dot Bride!

I have some absolutely fantastic things in store for Polka Dot Bride this year- one of which you’ll see in just two weeks! As always I love to hear from you so please contact me anytime!