Photo by pipwildhead

How beautiful it would be to include fresh orange blossoms in your bridal bouquet or bridesmaid’s bouquets! These waxy white flowers which grow in small groups amongst the glossy green leaves of the orange tree have a citrus-y fresh scent which is sure to trail after the bride as she walks down the aisle.

Orange Blossom Wreath from Chez Moi

In the 18th and 19th Centuries, brides used wax orange blossoms as circlets in their hair (Queen Victoria being the most notable!) or tucked in amongst real blossoms in their bouquets. Orange blossoms symbolise good fortune, purity and fertility and  their simple shape look beautiful set amongst grey leaves, soft green berries or stronger hues of peonies and roses.

Orange blossom honey is made by bees when their hives are placed near a flowering orange grove, and orange blossom water distilled from the orange blossom flower,  is used in confectionery or on the Middle Eastern pastry baklava.

Photo from Brides

Use them fresh or as sugar flowers to decorate a wedding cake perhaps along with miniature oranges placed in amongst the leaves – a citrus-y delight, on a lemon or orange flavoured cake.