I’ve talked a few times (find the previous posts here and here) about donating to charity instead of favours or asking guests to donate to charity instead of a material goods registry. I like the concept and I think it’s a great idea if you’re wanting to give something back and can easily bypass boxes of candy etc.

But I know a reason some people choose not to do it is because they hate the idea of someone donating to a charity they may not agree with on their behalf.

So I was more than interested to come across a new Australian business called Karma Currency. Karma Currency is a gift certificate charity service. Instead of donating to one charity, your dollars are turned into a gift voucher which can then be donated to any of the 100+ charities you have to choose from.

There’s charities to pick from in almost every category- animals, health, children, education, women, community, aged, disabilities, arts, elderly, emergency services, spirituality, causes, refugees and even some international charities have joined in!

Karma Currency is a brilliant way to give to charity for your wedding (or the festive season!) without offending guests!