How cute would it be to supply gingerbread people as your favours?

Gingerbread people by Gingerbread Folk

They could be homemade by a relative or friend or made by your local baker. But if they are made at home the decoration could be personalized with piped icing, silver cachous, lollies for buttons, piped shoes and shoe laces, hair and of course the cutest faces you can muster!

They could be decorated to resemble the bride and groom, or the icing colours could be kept to white and the colour of the wedding theme. If you are really feeling creative, each biscuit could be decorated in a gentle caricature style of the person for whom the biscuit is to be given.

A bit of a talking point to break the ice at each table!

Wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon or sticker of your choice they will add to the fun of your wedding.