Cookies from Brides

Although more of an American tradition than an Australian one, the sugar cookie has a history of being perfected by German Protestant settlers in Pennsylvania, USA in the mid 1700’s. The sugar cookie is this state’s ‘official cookie’.

This cookie can be baked so that is thin and crisp or thicker and chewier. The dough is rich with vanilla and butter and can be rolled and cut to any shape you desire. When baked it is sprinkled with sugar, coloured sugars or white or coloured icings.

Decorate as desired and get the younger members of the family involved in rolling and cutting. The best part of all is the decorating, with all you can gather to help, involved in the joyous stickiness and mess of icing and sprinkling.

Image courtesy Martha Stewart

For your wedding- bake your favourite sugar cookie recipe and decorate in your wedding colours. Use a heart shaped or your initial shaped cookie cutter. Tie in a beautiful box or bag for homemade flavour!  Add a monogram or stack in a pile (a la Martha Stewart) for some extra fun.

Check out Martha Stewart’s sugar cookie recipe here