Wreaths – a circle of many meanings. In pagan times the evergreen wreath was decorated with four candles signifying water, wind, earth and fire. They feature in many religions but even if you are not religious they can be a ‘sign of faith in humanity and life, and victory over life’s challenges’ – a nice symbol for your marriage over the years.

The base can be made of twigs, oasis (florists) foam, vines or even soft branches from trees in the garden. Try branches from twisted willows, grape vines, wisteria or even clematis or jasmine would be suitable twisted casually with their flowers intact and perfuming the surroundings.

Any wreath laden with fresh flowers and leaves would look beautiful hung from a rustic wooden gate or fence announcing the entrance to the wedding.

An evergreen wreath, whether made from real leaves or from artificial ones, hung at the entrance to your reception with guests place cards poked in amongst the greenery.

A heart shaped wreath decorated with dried rose buds or flowers, fresh daisies, or even fern fronds would look delicate and pretty, hung on seating, pews, used in table settings, and when sprinkled with essential oils, would be sweet for a female guest’s favour.

Little wreaths made from fresh flowers and ribbon for a little flowergirl’s hair, or carried by her, or your bridesmaids would add a different touch.

Seashell wreaths for a beach side wedding, feather wreaths if you are fond of their floaty effect. For an autumn wedding, fruit such as pears and apples, and artificial berries in amongst twigs and autumn leaves set into a square wreath shape with rich coloured candles would look lush.

For most impact keep your wreaths over-sized and bountiful. Have fun with family and friends making them yourself or order them from your florist.

  • Hang wreaths on doors
  • Hang wreaths at the end of a pew
  • Hang wreaths over door knobs
  • Hang a wreath over your ceremony structure
  • Decorate the back of the bride and groom’s chairs
  • Place a wreath at each place setting
  • Place a wreath in the centre of the table and fill with candles or baubles
  • Hang different shaped wreaths on a wall as a feature display
  • Place loose wreaths around your wedding cake

All wreath photos courtesy of Martha Stewart