Lavender – the colour and smell of this special plant is refreshing and old fashioned.

Lavender Champagne from Martha Stewart

With a wedding theme of soft mauves and  sage green, how fitting to add lavender infused favours for your guests. Packaged in soft glossy chiffon bags  and tied with a few sprigs of real lavender, they will delight your guests with the smell and well as the old fashioned feel of the gift.

From body products such as body oils, bath salts, skin creams, soaps, to essential oil to add to a fragrance burner, or lavender honey and lavender chocolate bars, lavender lends itself to a variety of products. Lavender linen water to sprinkle on freshly laundered linen.

Mini Heart Cookies (available in lavender) from Polka Dot Cookies & Cakes

Food grade lavender packaged in bags with a lavender biscuit recipe tied on with ribbon will be a little different. Pot pourri bags made in a pretty fabric tied to the colours of your wedding, and filled with lavender will make a long lasting keepsake. Even lavender tea is available.

There are many websites to access for this most versatile of plants and its products.