The Smock paper team has judged the Polka Dot Bride Smock Paper giveaway and has come up with winners!

“We had such a hard time choosing.  Each and every person entered is so amazing for trying to make our world better.  Some made us giggle, one mom even gave me a great bento box idea for my son!  But after tough deliberation we’ve chosen:

Number 17 – Lyn

They are all lovely but if I must choose a favourite… it would have to be the Giraffe petite social note (as I love anything with giraffe’s!)

To be as eco-friendly as we can we reuse & recycle as much as possible. We have home-grown fruit & veges & any food scraps are fed to our ducks & birds or put in the compost. We try to save water as much as we can & reuse bucketed shower water to put on the garden.
We only use Nutrimetics cleaning products as they are biodegradable & their laundry liquid is also phosphate free!
We also walk & carpool whenever possible. Use energy efficient light globes throughout the house & use candles some nights to save power. Once a week we try to limit the electricity use & play games by candle light after a simple dinner.
We are hoping to convince the in-laws to go to solar power soon.

Number 37 – Amy

Appreciating nature and caring for my surroundings has always been a part of my life. As a middle school teacher, I’m doing my best to encourage my students to take action, as well. My school has taken phenomenal steps to begin an organic recycling program; cutting our waste by 2/3! If I can inspire children to value and care for our planet, my own impact is exponential.

(The “butterfly” and “willow” lines are gorgeous! Thanks for pointing us in the direction of such a great, sustainable company.)



Congratulations Amy and Lyn! Thank you to all our entrants – you blew the Smock Paper team (and Polka Dot Bride) away with how you’re making the world a better place!

Stay tuned for more contests!