I spotted this cute idea last month on Earth Friendly Weddings. The bride’s aunt bottled the rain from the couples wedding day into this sweet jar and engraved it with their wedding date.

Which leads me to the fact that rain isn’t so bad on your wedding day!

Here’s why I love a rainy wedding day:

– You get to wear gumboots

Photo by Erika Gerdemark Photography

Think you’re limited to black? Why not find some red polka dot gumboots, or bright lime green ones?

Try Rosie Roo Designer Wellies for some extra fun prints

– You can have fun with umbrellas

Photo by Simply Timeless Photography

Black and white umbrellas can make for stunning wedding photos! I love the drama of all black or all white but if you want some fun, pick umbrellas in the same shade as your bridesmaids dresses or a fun print.

– You get the gorgeous moody storm clouds in your photos

Photo by LifeImages

Other fun things about rainy weddings:

  • No one will be hot and sweaty in a suit
  • Reflections in puddles
  • Rainbows
  • The smell of rain, the clean earth beneath you. The rain washes all the dirt and grime away. Think of it as a fresh start! What could be better on the first day of married life?
  • It’s good luck! In Italian “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata” or ” A wet bride is a lucky bride” . Superstition? Maybe- but I like it!

Photo by Heather Cole Photography

If it’s going to rain on your wedding day – don’t stress! You can make plans for alternative venues, notifying guests etc. But some of the happiest stories I’ve heard are of couples whose day was filled with rain drops. You know what they realised? That their sunshine comes from within! This is what makes the memories of your wedding day.