The Perfect Table Plan team sent me over a copy of their Perfect Table Plan software to try out- I started on version three and upgraded to version four so I was able to play with the brand new features of Version 4- more table shapes, tableware options, exporting guest lists to PDF and more added features.

I love the notion that seating guests doesn’t have to involve a myriad of sticky notes and paper and that it can all be at my fingertips (seeing as a lot of brides are using spreadsheets nowadays anyway).
The program is based on a five-step task list.
1.    Add Guests
2.    Define Who Should Sit Near Who
3.    Add Tables
4.    Assign Guests To Seats
5.    Output

Perfect Table Plan allows you to import guests from a file. You may already have them in a spreadsheet or if not you can type them in manually. You can add couples and families, ensuring they’re kept together. You can also assign guests to groups i.e university friends).

You can also nominate the relationships between guests- ranging from next to to not near to and options in between. This is a great feature if you don’t want any chance of Great Aunt Ann sitting next to your high school friends. Coloured smiley faces and dropdown menus make this easy, though it could be time consuming if you need to do it for every single guest.

Onto the reception venue and Perfect Table Plan allows you to create the layout of your reception room down to the last detail. Table sizes and shapes can be customised with the introduction of semi circular and oval tables in version 4.

You can choose to auto assign guests, which can take a few minutes for large weddings but as I was simply using my address book didn’t take long at all.  This makes the process entirely painless and if you’ve nominated your relationships, guests will be happy with who they’re sitting next to.

Perfect Table Plan isn’t only for seating guests, the program allows you to track RSVPS, special dietary needs and meal requirements. Assigning a guest as a VIP allows you to nominate bridal party members.

‘Output’ allows you to print out the guest list and create your own stationery. Whether it’s a guest chart alphabetically or a chart by table you can do this within the program adding fonts and setting for labels for your escort cards.

There’s also a nifty little RSVP feature within the program which will give you statistics on which guests have RSVP’d and whether or not you have assigned them, so you can make seating changes right up until the last minute.

The software is linked into a nifty help database. On each section you can click the “How Do I?” button for a dropdown list of common questions.

I am a geek at heart and love software which takes the headache out of a problem such as wedding seating arrangements. Perfect Table Plan is fun to use and keeps everything in one place, making it easy to track guests and all the other oddities that go along with them.

You can download a free trial or buy Perfect Table Plan through their website here.

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“My bright idea of sitting Uncle Arthur next to mum’s eldest sister, who is a spinster, at the wedding, was on reflection a bad idea. It all started when…..”

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