A few months ago, Jessica emailed me for some wedding advice. Jessica was planning to design and make a wedding dress using only recycled materials for her HSC Design and Technology final year project.

For those not familiar, the HSC is the High School Certificate given at the end of Year 12 – the final year of schooling in Australia. Often as part of a subject, a student will have to complete a “major work” from conception to finished product.

I really wanted to share Jessica’s gowns with Polka Dot Bride readers. She has done such an amazing job with the fabrics she chose and the limited resources she had. I think she certainly stepped up to the challenge!

Jessica’s proposed design project was

  • To design and produce an innovative multifunctional wedding gown made of recycled fabrics mainly curtain material and accessories
  • The dress is to have two distinct looks

Jessica designed a gown which was able to be worn in two different ways. The full length formal gown was designed for the ceremony and the gown underneath it is able to be worn at the reception and other special occasions.

The Formal Wedding Dress

The formal wedding dress uses lace from Vinnies (St Vincent De Paul- an op shop or charity store), the skirt is made from sheer white recycled curtain and can be hooked up at the back using curtain tape and hooks.

Jessica hand pleated the sleeve which was made from a recycled curtains.

The Mini Dress

This dress sits under the formal gown and is designed to be worn at the wedding reception or other special occasions.

Made out of recycled ‘sunblock’ curtain, the gown features a low back, bias panel strips of horizontal pleating, curtain pleating on the bottom hemline and hand pleated recycled curtains for the sleeves.

Personally I think Jessica deserves top marks for her creation- I could easily see it being worn by a glamorous bride who decides she’d love to do a sassy salsa at her reception and party the night away. Congratulations Jessica!

Photos by Leila at Summerton Photography