Victoria writes the wedding blog Victoria With Roses which is packed to the rafters with lots of little ideas that will make your wedding day special. Victoria is such a creative lady and today she’s shared twelve of her favourite ideas for Grooms to surprise their brides!

She’s spent countless hours scouting locations, making address lists, and choosing flowers. Wedding day gift-giving between brides and grooms has become more and more common, and there is a good chance she has a surprise gift in store for you. On your wedding day, she will be brimming with excitement, but also very tired and very nervous. Wow her with one of these romantic and oh-so-creative surprises:

1. The Big (i.e. Expensive) Wow: If you’ve got some money to spare, wow her by hiring her favorite local band to play at your wedding (or just your first dance). Or, surprise her with a sky written message as you leave the church after the ceremony; fireworks between dinner and dancing; or a hot air balloon to whisk you away as the night ends. Another big wedding surprise (which you could also wait to give her until the next morning): a puppy you know she has been wanting.

2. Pre-wedding Gestures (Plan months in advance): Keep a journal of your engagement. Write in it daily or weekly, and have her maid of honor deliver it to her before the wedding, elaborately wrapped.  Or, for the months leading up to your wedding, mail or give her a surprise every month on the numerical date of your wedding (i.e. the 15th of every month), like flowers, spa gift certificates, small jewellery, or a cookie bouquet. One great surprise would be a beauty treatment she doesn’t think she can afford, like teeth whitening.

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3. Breakfast: Arrange for her to be brought her favorite breakfast in bed, like croissants, scones or pancakes with fresh fruit. Include a handwritten note and a small gift (keep reading for more gift ideas!).

4. Nix the store-bought jewelry: While all girls love jewelry (and an expensive necklace would never be unwelcome), avoid sparkling new jewelry if you want to be more creative. Lots of grooms are doing this. Instead, surprise her with vintage jewelry, like an heirloom that has been passed down in your family. If you don’t have any family heirloom jewelry, buy her a vintage locket and put a picture of the two of you inside. This will have much more meaning, and will be one of a kind.

If you know she wants a piece of newer jewelry, or has her heart set on a certain jewelry designer, surprise her with a limo outside her hotel room. Arrange for it to take her to a jewelry store, where you have a set aside a case of 5-10 pieces in your price range that she can pick from.

5. Food: Have the restaurant where you had your first date cater lunch for her and her bridesmaids on the day of the wedding. Send along a box of her favorite chocolates. Or, for a healthier option, include a bouquet of fresh fruit.

6. Flowers: Having a bouquet of flowers delivered to her hotel room the day of the wedding is romantic, but you can still up the ante a bit. Send her a bouquet full of the flower she has chosen for your wedding (i.e. yellow roses, etc.), and put one fake flower in the middle. Include a note that says: “I will love you until the last flower dies.” Or, send her a small bouquet of flowers every hour, so by the end of the afternoon her room will be full of wonderful smells.

7. Pampering: Instead of surprising her with an in-room masseuse the morning of your wedding, send a reflexologist to her room. Chances are, she has not experienced this kind of treatment before, and her feet are likely to hurt by the end of the day. Reflexology also relaxes the entire body, and some consider it the most relaxing of any spa treatment.

8. Lullabies: Make her a mix CD of your favorite love songs to listen to while getting ready. Or, have a music box made with your first dance song inside.

9. Books: For the length of your engagement, save all the loving emails you write to each other and make them into a booklet or scrapbook to give her before the wedding. Or, give her a first-edition or signed copy of The Velveteen Rabbit, a book of love poems, or her favorite novel.

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10. Sweet Smells: Pick out a perfume that you love the smell of, and arrange for one of her bridesmaids’ to give it to her while she is getting ready, to wear during the wedding.

11. Vacation: Surprise her with a honeymoon! Tell her you want to pick the place and make all the arrangements—just tell her what to pack and for how many days. This will take some of the wedding planning stress off her, and also give her a surprise to look forward to!

12. Sweet and Charming: While she is getting ready, have her maid of honor give her a simple box, with a card that reads: “I will love the way the flowers smell and the sounds of the music and the sweetness of the cake. But this is all I want today and forever.” Inside, have a beautiful vintage hand mirror lying face-up.

Thank you for your fantastic ideas Victoria! Visit Victoria’s blog Victoria With Roses for plenty more ideas for your wedding day!