Kathryn from Snippet and Ink joins Polka Dot Groom again with a mini board and tips on having fun at your wedding. Check out her previous posts here- Personality and Comfort.

Fun & Games: One of the complaints I’ve heard men (among others) make about weddings, it that everything is taken so seriously. So why not lighten up and bring some fun into the day?


Clockwise from top left
1. The groom won’t be the only one who appreciates a foosball table or pinball machine! (photo by Anne Ruthmann )
2. Even if every other aspect is formal, cufflinks are a fun place to be a little playful. (cufflinks by Cufflinks)
3. Not everyone is for dancing, and games are a great alternative. Croquet and bocce ball are two suggestions. (photo by Cooper Carras)
4. Horseshoes is another fun game. (photo from Jupiter Images)

You can check out more tips and delightful boards from Kathryn at her home Snippet and Ink. Check back next week for Kathryn’s final Polka Dot Groom board!