As you may have read, Mr Polka has ever so kindly kicked Polka Dot Bride off the blog this month (and yes that was really him!). Although much to his disappointment Polka Dot Bride will still be around – if only to hit ‘publish’!

I’ve long been aware of just how little the wedding world focuses on the guys and this is our attempt to have a little fun and explore the fun world of being a groom.

This month we will be joined by some of the world’s best wedding bloggers and some fabulous experts too! Papa Polka Dot has even promised an appearance (and by posting this I’m holding him to it!). This week we’re going to take a look at etiquette and the role of the groom.

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We’re in for a great month so if there is anything you’d like to see, drop Mr Polka Dot an email at [email protected]

Ms Polka Dot