A fun idea after the wedding is to create a wedding time capsule of sorts. Possibly not something to dig a hole in your backyard for, but using a nice box, a place to hold some special tokens.


Plympton White Leather Boxes from Whiteport

Your wedding ‘time capsule’ could include

  • A letter to each other for the future
  • Wedding invitation
  • Wedding accessories such as napkins, wedding favours and programs
  • A menu listing your reception meal
  • Newspaper/Entertainment/Sport magazine/television from your wedding day
  • Your wedding guest list
  • Cork from your champagne toast
  • Honeymoon brochures
  • Ticket stubs
  • Predictions and well wishes from wedding guests.

It may be the perfect thing to open on your 10th wedding anniversary with a bottle of Cristal and some pretty good cake in hand (I suggest a brand new cake for this part of course!)