There’s always guests at a wedding who don’t know where they’re going and could use a little help. Wedding Mapper creates custom wedding maps- even for Aussies! It’s a little nicer to give guests than a blocky computer printout and it can also include other points of interest in a fun way.

This is my little mock wedding map. Let’s pretend Mr Polka Dot & I were getting married at St Paul’s Cathedral located in Melbourne city, our pretend wedding guests would then head to the Melbourne Aquarium for our ever so stylish reception. We recommend to guests that they stay at The Langham Hotel on Southbank.

I can email the link to the guests or put it into my wedding website ( like the mockup above) I can input extra venues like the airport, the after party and restaurant recommendations with a note of explanation. Perhaps its a weekend wedding- in which case I can also provide points of interest such as Mr Polka Dot’s favourite museum or my favourite park. It’s easy to use (and setup!) and even the most computer illiterate guest will be able to find their way around.

Guests are able to see the descriptions and photos I input and can also get directions from venue to venue. Wedding Mapper works from Google maps so allows guests to see the whole city and zoom in and out. There are also many tutorials on getting the map right for your invitations, or you can pay to have it artfully designed.

The site isn’t just limited to helping guests out though. As the busy engaged couple you can plot your florist, wedding planner and even hairdresser on the map and seek directions, there is also a community to chat to other brides, though for Australians there isn’t much action happening.

Wedding Mapper is completely free, though some extra features are available for a fee, it’s so easy to setup it’s worth a try!