This Competition is now closed. Click here to view the winner announcement by Henry Roth

It’s finally time to unveil the entries in the Polka Dot Bride Win A Wedding Dress competition! I was blown away by the attention to detail, creativity and unique touches on every entry! Thankyou to everyone who took the time and entered!

Now it’s up to you- the readers! It’s time to vote! Vote for your favourite board, the top three will go onto the next round where Henry Roth himself will pick the winner of the wedding dress!

Entries have been posted in random order- determined from picking numbers out of none other than a polka dot tea cup (fairness is ensured!) There’s quite a few so do grab a coffee and sit down and peruse them all!

Every image below is linked to a larger version on Flickr (Click the magnifying glass once there to see even bigger versions!) which also contains links to all the sources and even a story or two behind the entry!. Alternatively you can view the Flickr slideshow of all the entries here or view them one by one here. Every entry has a number (posted in front of the images on this entry and as the name of each image on flickr) which is what you can vote for.

Then once you have your favourite, head to the bottom of this entry, click the circle next to number of the board you like best and hit submit! Voting will be open just over a week! Good luck to all the entrants!

1Entry One 2Entry Two
3Entry Three 4Entry Four
5Entry Five 6Entry Six

7Entry Seven 8Entry Eight 9Entry Nine10Entry Ten

11Entry Eleven12Entry Twelve
13Entry Thirteen
14Entry Fourteen 15Entry Fifteen

16Entry Sixteen
17Entry Seventeen 18Entry Eighteen
19Entry Nineteen 20Entry Twenty
21Entry Twenty One 22Entry Twenty Two
23Entry Twenty Three

24Entry Twenty Four 25Entry Twenty Five
26Entry Twenty Six27Entry Twenty Seven