I find inspiration in many places- blogs (remind me not to go without reading my blogs for a few days 450 posts in the wedding folder alone, yeouch!), magazines, being out and about, baking, cooking, reading, talking to people. I never seem to stop thinking and I’m trying to slow down and enjoy the beauty the world brings.


There’s a blogger who posts strong messages every week that inspires me (I can’t think of her name, leave me a note if you know who I mean so I can credit her!) which always gets me thinking.


Old photos inspire me. This is Grace Kelly looking gorgeous and elegant.

love Jack Vettriano

This print by Jack Vettriano called ‘Dance Me To The End Of Love’ inspires me. I love the feeling it of it. (Image from art.com).

So I want to know, what inspires you? With your wedding, your home, the clothes you choose to wear, the choices you make..with your life? Who and what do you draw the jewels from to create your life?