I was so excited last month to receive a copy of Mindy Weiss’ new book The Wedding Book:The Big Book For Your Big Day from her publishers.

Let me tell you, the only reason  this review is so late is because the book is BIG! (485 pages to be exact!).

Mindy Weiss is a wedding planner based in the USA. During her career she’s taken care of many celebrity weddings including The Bachelorette’s Ryan & Trista, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Heidi Klum & Seal and Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale amongst many others.

I’ve read many wedding planning books. A lot are full of the same facts and are pretty stock standard. So I was a little apprehensive about reading a new one. I didn’t have to worry. Mindy has really written a fantastic wedding planning encyclopedia and it’s a book I would heartily recommend to any bride.


The Wedding Guide is dense with information. The book is divided into sections- First Steps, Laying The Foundation, Making It Beautiful and The Big Event. Within these sections are chapters on such things such as ‘Creating The Look’, ‘Dressing The Men’ and ‘The Nitty Gritty’ . All headings which entice the reader to further explore the information contained within. Each chapter is like unwrapping a present- they have many layers and surprises!

The book takes a no nonsense (and no fluff!) approach to planning such a big event and Mindy has left nothing out. From advice on what to stock the bar with to an explanation (with pictures) of gown fabrics, the book covers every detail.

Throughout the book there are ‘Ask Mindy’ question and answer sections, quick tips and information panels which add a personal touch. There are checklists, example schedules, time lines and budget planners. The book can be read cover to cover but is also a great reference guide- able to be opened at any point.

What I enjoyed most about this book was that it focused on the groom as much as the bride. There is no ‘it’s all about you’ aimed at only the bride. Instead it speaks to both the bride and groom with equal importance. Mindy’s writing style is as if you’re sitting with her over a cup of tea getting the right advice (and the odd giggle too!).

Mindy’s book is available now from Amazon– though it should be hitting Aussie stores soon!

Note to Aussie Brides: As with many wedding planning books, do note the differences in US Law and customs to Australia- i.e registering a marriage, changing your name, the rehearsal dinner etc.