The myriad of design blogs, Etsy and photography blogs has enriched my view of art. I suppose it’s given me a greater inspiration for beauty in small and unique things.


For The Love Of Light is tribute to the Polaroid. Created by Jen Altman, it’s a collection of Polaroid photos taken by twenty five photographers from over ten countries bidding farewell to an art form they’ve loved.

To quote one of the artists Brian Rio

“25 Photographers span 110 full color pages of Polaroid goodness. It’s not a lament for the passing of Polaroid, nor is it ill-considered snapshots. The book is 25 like minded photographers paying tribute to something we hold dear. Polaroid and the slowly emerging record of an instant in time.”

The first 500 copies will be numbered and are on pre sale now. The book ships in July and is US$49.95 You can purchase it here It’s not long until there’ll be no more Polaroid film so the book is something to treasure.

Made By Girl makes really cool retro inspired prints and gorgeous, fun birthday cards


I bought a set of 4 of these chandelier prints– two in sand/white and two in white/sand. I’m looking for the perfect place to group them together in four vintage looking frames. They touch on my love of chandeliers!


This is such a sweet print and it comes in a variety of colours. It’s even perfect for a wedding with a bright colour palette. There’s also soft lavender, pink and yellow which would look gorgeous at a spring event. Perhaps (and I hope Jen doesn’t hate this idea) guests could sign the print as a guestbook!

Who are your favourite artists in the blogosphere? How do you bring art into your home?