Paper Lanterns from Martha Stewart Weddings, Paper Lanterns at Emily & Garrett’s wedding from brides

Farah left a comment last week asking about finding paper lanterns in Australia. Paper lanterns look fabulous in wedding decor. During the ceremony they can be hung overhead. They can light the path to your venues, light your outdoor lounge area, be strung across the ceiling of your reception room, hung above tables and light up the dance floor.

So I went on a hunt and came up with these!

Vivid Room stocks a lot of different types, from Chinese lantern style, to dotty ones! They have a huge range of all kinds of sizes and shapes. They also have candle bags and paper votives.

eyelette 20 inch small

pink tlight spotty 400

white star small

14″ Eyelette lantern, Pink Polka Dot Set, Star Candle Bag

Pink Frosting has a big range of paper lanterns too in different shapes and designs (and their gorgeous shop is a little dangerous for impulse purchases!)


14″ Cherry Blossom Paper Lantern, 14″ Pink Polka Dot Paper Lantern, 30cm Flashy Pink Paper Ball Lantern

Chinatown Online stock a lot of traditional style ones (even in the shape of fish!




12cm Yellow Paper Lanterns in pink, purple and yellow.

Hope that takes you on the right path Farah and gave you what you needed! To all Polka Dot Bride readers- I’m always up for a challenge so send something my way!