I like nothing better than a fantastic cocktail. A girlfriend and I recently went to a bar where the cocktail menu was like a book. In tribute to the upcoming movie release of Sex And The City we both drank cosmopolitans and talked of boys, shoes and weddings!

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So I think catering companies devoted entirely to drinks are worthy of attention! The Liquid Group in Sydney has all your drinking needs covered. They offer bar, juice and coffee catering and would be a grand addition at any wedding!

From adding flame lit bar tops, to just creating the perfect mix of juice The Liquid Group are experts in all things drinkable.

Tailored solutions include funky espresso bars – Liquid Espresso (great to keep guests dancing all night with your custom coffee bar!) juice bars – Liquid Squeeze (perfect for the fitness savvy bride and groom) and of course fully tailored bar services – Liquid Mixology (which is fabulous for well, me! and those signature wedding cocktails).


They also provide team building workshops which may be just the perfect idea for a Hen’s Night. Mixing cocktails with girlfriends may just be your idea of a perfect day out!

The Liquid Group

Phone: (02) 8220 8068

Fax: (02) 9584 2589

Address: Level 25, Chifley Tower

2 Chifley Square,Sydney, NSW, 2000