I know I recently posted about how hot it was here, well two weeks later and the heater is on and I’m all rugged up. Ah love it!

Winter is a fabulous time for a wedding, the quiet times mean you can have more of a chance of securing the vendors you want. Plus the ambience of grey skies and rain makes for great drama and atmosphere!

Here’s five tips to keep you warm if you’re getting married in winter

  1. Cover Up

The winter bride has the chance to wear a glamorous long sleeve gown. But since even today it isn’t the most common thing, choosing another type of cover up is an easier option. If you’re not keen on covering up your dress you may only need the cover up for ‘in between’ while you’re frolicking outdoors for photos. There are quite a few options that can keep you warm on your wedding day!




Yellow cardi from MSW, Lace cape from Rebecca Thuss, fur stole from brides.com

Cover up options can include

  • Silk coat
  • Bolero
  • Cardigan
  • Pashmina
  • Lace Wrap
  • Faux fur capelet
  • Faux fur wrap

Don’t forget to consider your bottom half too! Stockings and closed toe shoes will keep your legs and feet warm!

2. Drink it Hot


Hot Chocolate from She Who Eats

Consider your guests! Serve lovely warm drinks such as eggnog, hot chocolate (with a nip of alcohol or chilli if you’re up to it) and  mulled wine, pre and post ceremony to get them in the mood for partying. Create an espresso bar or even a tea bar (nothing better than a hot cup of tea!)

3. Heat it Up


Candles from brides.com

Don’t forget to make use of the venues heaters and fireplaces. Or if they have none consider hiring your own in. Also use candles- they can warm up an area surprisingly well.

4. Dish It Out


Shot Glasses of Tomato Soup with a Parmesan Crisp & Basil-Cream by Harold Catering

Consider serving heart winter fare at your wedding. Lamb roasts with gravy and crispy potatoes, pudding, soups and warm bread rolls. You can easily modernise your food choices with a creative chef. Soup in shot glasses, potatoes at midnight wrapped in paper, puddings in mini cups served with dollops of cream.