I’m happy today to introduce you to another bride Polka Dot Bride will be following over her wedding planning journey. Kate hails from Australia’s capital, Canberra and shared her story with me.


Australia’s Parliament House located in Canberra as shot by nsgbrown

“In a word I would describe both myself and my future husband (!) as nerds.

Although we met in person a number of times before there was any hint of a relationship, we really got to know each other online.

A mutual friend tried to set us up but we were both too shy to do anything about it – so instead we started emailing back and forth and got to know each other a bit that way. Then when my housemate (at the time) was being a bit annoying, I decided to invite myself over to watch his (excellent collection of) DVDs. So it was then love blossomed!

A year or so later, on the same day Polka Dot Bride started up, we got engaged. In the middle of the night he woke me to propose.

About six months afterwards we finally set the date – as we didn’t fancy a winter wedding in frosty Canberra (some people coming down from Queensland would NOT be happy) we decided on a long engagement, and will be getting married in November this year.

It’s worked out well for us, giving us extra time to save and enough time for me to obsess over wedding blogs until I knew what I wanted – a budget, semi-retro themed garden wedding. Relatively casual as we’re generally jeans and sneakers people, but formal enough to reflect how enormous it feels (and is!)”

So brides to be – what tips do you have for Kate as she’s planning her retro garden wedding?