I have been a bad wedding blogger. I have not even mentioned Valentine’s Day! (Admittedly because Mr Polka Dot reads this blog and I don’t want to hint at what he’s getting!)

I love sentimental gifts- a long message in a card, a box of heart cupcakes or a lovely little handmade ornament. But time gets away and thus we turn to online shopping!


Valentine Gift Wrap from Bridal Survival, Heart Cup from Peters Of Kensington,, My Love Book from Kikki K, Be My Valentine Gift Box from Rainbow Designs, Cake Pan from Peters Of Kensington, Love Spell Bath Ballistic from Lush, Lotsa Lovin’ Biscuit Bunch from Wishlist, Bud Luvee Luxury Duck from Ekidna Kids, Love Orb Candle from Dusk, Heart Paperweight from Peters of Kensington, Cupcakes from Cupcake Corner, Cherry Cha Cha Box from Fruit Only