Jammies are often worn during the wedding Journey while eating Jam and practicing the Jive in wedding Jewellery.


Engagement Ring


Mandy wears her engagement ring as she prepares for her wedding

Ah! The (almost) essential wedding day bling! Normally switched to your right hand during the wedding ceremony, your engagement ring is put on your left hand after the ceremony after your wedding ring (with the romantic notion that the wedder is closer to your heart)

Which is closely followed by…..

Wedding Ring


Luba and Andrew show off their rings

The wedding ring is that one piece of jewellery that is essential to your wedding day!



Bride Kerri wore simple princess cut sparkly earrings

From tiny pearl studs, to long shoulder dusters, earrings can be such an elegant feature. If accompanied by a necklace and tiara, perhaps choose smaller earrings. (too much of a good thing is always too much of a good thing!) If wearing no other jewellery- go all out and be ornate as you like!



Melissa chose a three strand pearl bracelet to accentuate her elegant style

Perfect to add as a little extra glitz if you’re staying simple with accessories. A thick, bold sparkling cuff can make a bold statement with a simple gown. Whereas classic pearls can scream old world glamour and looks beautiful with a more ornate lace gown.



Erin wore a diamond star burst necklace borrowed from her fiance’s great grandmother

From an ornate choker to a simple beaded creation a necklace is a great way to make a feature of your décolletage. A bold necklace can suit a strapless gown or a simple strand of sparkle or pearls will add elegance and simplicity, allowing your gown to take centre stage. Perhaps you could wear a necklace incorporating your birth stones, or like Erin, borrow a beautiful piece from someone special to add meaning to your wedding ensemble.



Longines Evidenza Watch

A watch is an unusual wedding accessory choice, but may be a lovely touch- especially if the watch is a family heirloom or has special meaning to you. Try going for a metal watch with a dainty feel rather than a heavy leather band watch.



Jillian wore a pearl brooch on the waist of her wedding gown

A perfect way to bring attention to something you want to feature- on your dress or pinned into your hair a brooch can look modern or vintage, bold or feminine and dainty. For something different , the stones in your brooch could pick up colours of your bouquet or wedding colour palette.

Other Ways To Jewel It Up

  • Dress Jewellery
  • Hair Jewellery
  • Anklets

Images courtesy brides.com, Project Wedding and theknot.com