Invitations often Include Initials and may Inhibit the Inventory of one’s guest list.


The dilemma about whether to change one’s initials (name) after marriage cuts into the very soul of who we are.

  • Adopt a new name together
  • Hyphenate your names
  • She takes his name
  • He takes her name
  • Use one name personally and one name professionally
  • Nothing, nada, zilch


Changing her name to his is the most common choice but one that comes with many headaches.

For Australians, the wedding certificate you sign on your wedding day may not be sufficient in order to change your name. To obtain an official version you will have to apply to the Registry of Birth, Deaths & Marriages. This will vary from state to state.


A form is required, which can be obtained from the Medicare website or at a medicare office. You will require appropriate ID including your marriage certificate.


Using the official BDM (Briths, Deaths. Marriages) certificate you are able to change your passport to your married name for free within one year of your marriage. You will need to fill out the form and have it witnessed and then send the appropriate ID plus the official BDM marriage certificate.

As to whether to book your honeymoon in your maiden name or married name – unless you have a good deal of time in between the wedding and honeymoon it’s a good idea to book everything in your maiden name to avoid confusion with hotels, customs and the like. Don’t worry you can still play the honeymoon card!


Your Will, is invalid upon marriage, so be sure to have this updated with your lawyer to make sure everything is covered!

Electoral Office

To change your name on the electoral roll you can download a form off the website or visit your local representatives office.

Drivers License

Go to your nearest customer service centre with you BDM certificate and other ID.

Car Registration

Varying from state to state you will require your marriage certificate to change this at your state’s motor registration centre.

House Mortgage

Changing the name on your house mortgage can be a big hassle. It’s best to check directly with your provider to see if there are extra charges for changing your name.

Other places you will have to consider

  • Mobile and landline phone accounts
  • Loans
  • Gas, water & electricity accounts
  • Library card
  • Frequent Flyer programs
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance policies
  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Store Accounts
  • Email addresses & email signature


Name Change Kit from The Smart Bride

While most forms are available online you may consider buying a hard copy or emailed name change kit which contains most of the necessary forms to change your name.