Blogger Pia Jane Bijkerk has come up with a great concept called ‘Where The heart is’ and since Polka Dot Bride is all about the love I thought I’d share it with you!


Heart from janoid’s flickr

To quote Pia:

“my heart wanders: a collection of subtle hearts in special spaces will be a collective book project where ANYONE can enter a work. You do not have to be a professional photographer or artist, just have an eye for beauty (and a heart too!). While I’ve been roaming the blogosphere and meeting my blogging neighbours, I’ve noticed some great unearthed talent out there amongst you, and I would like to think this project might inspire you to try your hand at producing something for this collective project. With the ultimate goal to publish a beautiful hand held book, the concept is based on our favourite things: design, interiors, nature, love, lifestyle and beauty. It will be a collection of subtle hearts from all over the world.”


Photo by Petrina Tinslay from F8 Photo Library

So what can you enter? Here are the criteria:

  • It needs to include a heart shape of sorts
  • It needs to be handmade or ‘found’ by you
  • It needs to mean something to you, or displayed in a space that means something to you, that has your heart in some way.
  • It needs to be photographed in a space – so if it is an object that you have made, it needs to be photographed in an interesting space – not necessarily a plush-deluxe room, but just a space (it can be inside or outside, but preferably inside)
  • It needs to be subtle, not loud and overbearing – but inviting and gentle. Remember the ‘where’s wally?’ books? Well think of that as a guidance. Imagine looking at an image and trying to find where the heart is in it.
  • The image needs to be a certain size and quality to be able to be published – I will write up the dimensions needed in coming posts.

Here are the Q & A for the competition.

I think this could be a beautiful project to get involved in! Where have you found unexpected hearts?