The ABC of Weddings is finally here- Welcome to the ABC of Wedding Touches! The little details that make your wedding yours!


Attendants in Autumn often eat sugared Almonds and drink Alcohol with plenty of Aplomb which makes them quite Animated about their Ancestry.


Including special touches from your ancestry can make your wedding a truly personal event. To honour the traditions of your ancestral countries with a nod to traditions, personal touches can be beautiful. A special set of cufflinks, a dress remade, the family tartan kilt.

A wedding is a great chance to bring people together, look through family photo albums of weddings and pick up traditions and hints. These are the touches that make your wedding truly personal, make your wedding unique and a true celebration of your lives.

This is a great way to use the ‘Something, Old Something new’ tradition.

-Check out the wedding traditions and nods to the countries of your ancestors. If your grandparents are Irish consider a hand fasting ceremony or a mead ceremony. If they’re Dutch consider using tulips in your bouquet. If your fiance is from England, perhaps choose London cabs as your wedding transport.

-Marry in a location where your family has ties. Is there a church your parents married at? Perhaps you were baptised in a special chapel? Did your family always holiday at a beautiful seaside spot?

-Use dancing as a way to nod to your heritage, a choreographed flamenco for Spanish brides, or a highland dance for Scottish brides.

-Capture a favourite photograph of your ancestors by reenacting a photo of your ancestors.

-Use the same cake knives as past family members

-Use a special flower that plays tribute to a part of your history

-Remodel your mother’s wedding dress. Dressmakers can work wonders and can take off the sleeves, take up the train and do wonders!

-Music is timeless, a song played at your parents wedding, or one sung at your grandparents is a great idea to reuse


L-R achastain’s father picked Queen Anne’s Lace flowers for his bride’s (achastain’s mother) bouquets when they wed. He passed away before achastain got married and she added the same flowers in her bouquet.

Charlotte (Charlotte Circe) used her grandmother’s wedding ring as her own.

MissDottie wore her grandmothers necklace

Erin pinned a rosary owned by her late grandparents to her bouquet

Meaghan used the same bible and fresh flowers as her grandmother in place of a bouquet. She recaptured her grandparents photo with her new husband

Mrs Onion had her grandmother’s brooch made into a hairpiece which she pinned into her wedding day hairstyle.