A wedding Cake often follows the wedding Ceremony, proceeded by the wedding Celebrant in the wedding Chapel where the Couple are surrounded by Candles. On their newlywed status they will be showered with Confetti and proceed to the Celebration where they’ll dance under Chandeliers, admire Centerpieces and eat Cupcakes until the sun rises.

I’m honoured today to have Polka Dot Brother (aka passionate champagne connoisseur) as my first guest blogger. Please be gentle as he takes his first blog journey!



Villeroy & Boch Allegorie Reims Champagne Flute From Peter’s Of Kensington

Champagne. The “wine of kings”, the “gift of joy”. It turns an occasion into a celebration. But let’s not assume only the finest Champagne houses in France have the aforementioned talent.

Champagne is a wine for emotional times. It is used to crown kings, launch ships and celebrate great victories, but above all, the reason you are reading these words now, the union of two blessed souls.

Wine has been produced from the Champagne region in France since medieval times, however it was only around the year 1700 that Champagne was given the gift that makes it what it is today. Sparkle.

Whilst the term “Champagne” is used to generally describe sparkling wine, true Champagne is exclusively produced within the Champagne region in France. However that’s not to say anything other than true Champagne is less than perfect.

Champagne is generally divided into grape variety (brut, blanc de blancs, cuvee etc), down to NV (non-vintage- a mixture of wines from many years) to Vintage (a wine from a single vintage/year). Vintage Champagne wines are considered more special as they’re only produced for years considered exceptional by the house and are therefore of higher value in the marketplace.

My suggestion for your day is that you choose a wine that has been made to warm the heart.

What do I mean by this?

A little while ago I came across the official website for Champagne wines- Champagne.com This website is a fantastic guide to the perfect Champagne for all occasions. I have never been disappointed following this sites recommendations that have never disappointed me.


If you have been frequenting the local wine store over the past few years, you may have noticed a steady increase in sparkling wines that are of good value. One can get a spectacular drop for as little as $20 a bottle.

Australia and New Zealand are producing some exceptional sparkling wines. A good sign we are going well is the Australian brand Domaine Chandon and New Zealand brand Cloudy Bay being acquired by the world leader in luxury, LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennessy). Those sparkling wines are now surrounded by the likes of Dom Perignon, Krug, Moet & Chandon etc.

Talk to your local cellars or caterer about a sparkling wine of good quality and exceptional value for the event. For an even better deal there are good wine stores online offering outstanding discounts that get better by the case.

Champagne will easily be able to go with the colour theme of your wedding. For example if you are using warm pastel colours such as light pinks you could perfectly display and serve a Rose`based Champagne or sparkling.

Let’s be honest, unless most of your guests have MW (Master of Wine) after their names, they are going to be focused on the lovely couple while toasting, not the nose and zesty notes of what they are about to consume and if they were, well it’s a wedding, not a wine show.

In the end the sense occasion that Champagne and sparkling wine brings to any event will always come by the bottle. However the “gift of joy” should be used in the way that separates Champagne from all wine. For adding Sparkle!


Polka Dot Brother’s Recommendations

Proposal: Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

Engagement: Mumm Brut

Wedding day for breakfast: Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque

After the reception: Dom Perignon or Krug

This morning is the first morning of the rest of our lives together : Louis Roederer Cristal

Champagne available from Champagne Gallery, Wine List Australia, Gourmandise & Nicks.