1. Send your fiance, or mother, or rummage through your own personal collection for the glorious things we call wedding magazines. Indulge while you rest and dream of ideas and your wedding day.
  2. Take a self imposed wedding planning break! Everyone needs one of these, especially if they don’t want to become Bridezilla. So rest up and know tomorrow will bring you more wedding fun.
  3. Send your fiance into battle! It’s his wedding too and a lot of Grooms would like a more active role! Get him onto the case of following up with your cake decorator or researching the cars (get him to bring home dinner and make you chicken soup!)
  4. Download wedding podcasts! Head over to The Wedding Podcast Network and download the coolest wedding interviews, tips and tricks onto your Ipod. Then lie guilt free in bed listening to the voices of the experts.
  5. If your head can stand it, scout  wedding photography blogs. The pure eye candy will excite your eyes while requiring absolutely nothing of your brain.