We’re bunkering down in anticipation of a sweltering NYE here and I know NYE can be a popular wedding date! Here’s 10 tips to keep your wedding cool!


Myjones.com water bottles courtesy of theknot.com, Parasols from Jenny & Andy’s wedding courtesy of Weddingbee, Iced cocktail from brides.com, Thongs (Flip Flops) from Terra, Program Fans from Ceci New York courtesy of Weddingbee, Mini ice cream cones from brides.com, Lounge chairs from brides.com, Seafood buffet from brides.comFresh cherries from brides.com, Gorgeous Mexican sunset from timparkinson


1. Fill containers with ice and decorate water or soft drink bottles with personalised labels to keep your guests hydrated during the ceremony and festivities. If you don’t want to DIY, Brewtopia will do them for you.

2. Provide parasols for guests, decorate with tags and flowers and place bunched in baskets at your ceremony and reception entrance for a festive feel and to block out the harsh sunlight.

3. Having only recently discovered the goodness of a 7/11 Slushee (where have they been all my life?) hire a slushee machine (and top it up with a bit of alcohol for a frozen cocktail if you’re so inclined!) for a bit of childlike fun and pure cold bliss.

4. For sore, hot feet group thongs (flip flops) tied together in pairs in a basket for guests to slip on. Perfect for walking over sand or grooving on the dance floor!

5. Make your ceremony programs in a fan shape, or provide pretty wooden fans for guests to use during the ceremony.

6. Serve mini ice creams at midnight as a snack for those night owls! Or set up an ice cream bar with different flavours and toppings for guests to choose from.

7. Set up seating areas for guests using beach umbrellas or nooks and crannies in the garden or beach (preferably in the shade). It allows guests some time to cool off and relax- ready to party again!

8. Bring back the 70s with some classic seafood on ice! A welcome cool and deliciously decadent treat!

9. Embrace the beautiful fruit of summer and serve ice cold watermelon, cherries, mango slices, nectarines and more!

10.  Have a sunset wedding! Pass the heat of the day and say your vows to the romantic (and cool) backdrop of the sun setting.  Think of having your time consuming couple shots before the ceremony and bask in the golden light.