A few years ago, my partner and I wandered into a random gallery in Adelaide. I fell in love with it’s unique creations.

I was particularly enamoured with some gorgeous ceramics (perfect for ice cream or soup to surprise your guests) with whimsical phrases on them. They were quite unexpected and I wish I’d bought a set! (some day!)

She-thought-she-saw-Elvis-a She-had-stacked-the-volvo-1

They’re designed and painted by Erin Lykos, who has taken over from two previous designers of Adelaide’s Urban Cow Studio- they’re so popular, they’ve been created and sold for the past 13 years!

Painted ceramics aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I thought these had a sense of  humour about them that made me smile. When in today’s world we don’t smile enough I think they’re justifiable!

Recently we headed to Adelaide for a wedding and just had to pop by the studio for one of their wedding plates. These can be customised with names and a wedding date, but I like them better with just the phrase- leave the rest to your imagination!

wedding1 wedding2

The colours and phrases on the plates always vary,  so you get one that’s uniquely yours! and as mentioned above the entire range can be personalised with colours, names and phrases. But I think the joy is in the whimsy of them!

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