You may have noticed along with our new blog design we have sponsors on the left hand side.

You know me as Ms Polka Dot. I have chosen to stay anonymous to give the readers of this blog an unbiased view where you don’t feel I have an ulterior motive. Although I work within the wedding industry and of course have my connections, every supplier in this blog is mentioned because genuinely I love and believe in the services they offer. Not because of prior connections, payment or any sort of remuneration. (Being anonymous also allows that no business ‘expects’ things of me!)

Polka Dot Bride will remain this way for as long as I can maintain it. I want the blog to be a source of inspiration, to introduce you to fabulous Australian businesses and to help you create a wedding uniquely yours.

However, the blog isn’t free to host, nor was the beautiful re-design free. To keep Polka Dot Bride going we have an opportunity for businesses to sponsor the blog. If you see the businesses mentioned elsewhere in the blog it is because we like what they do – it will not be because they are paying us.

So we need you to support Polka Dot Bride by supporting our sponsors. There are great Australian (and international!) businesses out there and if you’d like us to be around for awhile, support those who support Polka Dot Bride!