I love Ikea. Well that’s not entirely true. I love Ikea on a weekday when the children are at school and it’s practically empty. My affection towards Ikea diminishes dramatically on crowded weekends.

Ikea has just released their 2008 catalogue and there’s plenty of cheap and nifty finds for your wedding. Especially in the lighting department.


Like this chain of lights- called Glansa Stjarna are a steal at $4.95. They’re battery operated and perfect for your reception. (Plus they have suction caps so you can stick them to that boring window!)


I love this outside drape of lights called Glansa Lysa. It’s $35 and could be hung with a few others along a balcony to make a magical glittering glow.


This candle chandelier is perfect for above tables and you can afford to buy one for each at $29 a pop. The beauty of these is with great placement you can cut out the need for elaborate centrepieces and keep the focus on the lighting.

Ikea has some great decorating options to check out! Next time we’ll focus on more beauties they have to offer!