The Guestbook Store- Canterbury Cover

While this blog might be lying dormant, don’t worry! We’re just planning some big exciting things for all our loyal readers! We can’t wait to show them off so stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out this cool guestbook store in the US! They’re called ‘The Guestbook Store’ and they, with your help) create guestbooks for any occasion – including weddings, for your guests to fill out.

A little more memorable than your traditional blank page number, The Guestbook Store lets you pick every aspect of your book from the cover, to how funky you want the pages to be (otherwise known as casual versus formal) Add extra pages for all your tidbits- you can even throw in a few coloured markers to adorn the book!

The ‘Formal’ Page Design

A 100 page guestbook will set you back about $120US (Less or more depending on your options) and is a sure fire way of getting many memorable moments from your guests! (Plus they ship internationally, so you’re able to get one over here in Australia!)

Check out The Guestbook Store here