After the wedding is sometimes an unexpected emotional time for the bride- after months or even years of planning, suddenly it’s over. This doesn’t necessarily mean the wedding was all about the planning and not the marriage, but it is an area that exists and has even been titled as ‘post wedding depression’.

Sheryl Paul Nissien is an American MD who delves behind the napkin choices and dress decisions to the emotional issues that come with a wedding. Do you hate your engagement ring? Did your wedding day pass in a blur? Sheryl has written a book called ‘The Conscious Bride’ which addresses these issues and many more!


Sheryl takes the viewpoint that a wedding marks a major transition in our lives, a rite of passage- from daughter and child to adult and wife, the issue of losing ones current identity and forming a new one. The book brings these emotions out of hiding and out of taboo into something that allows women to recognise and deal with them.

Sherryl has also written a wedding planner which not only covers the wedding planning tasks like guest lists, but also contains emotional homework. Available from Amazon

Check out Sheryl’s book The Conscious Bride at Amazon or Bridal Survival and take a peek at her website where she also addresses concerns of those around the bride at Conscious Weddings which has a myriad of online tools such as wedding day meditations, message boards and articles.