How does one seal the envelope of a beautiful invitation? it seems the good old lick and stick method just doesn’t cut it with wedding stationery!

The most obvious place to head is !


Wax Seals create personalised wax seals perfect for any occasion. Available in beautiful wooden boxes your wax seal can be your monogram, family crest or just simply your initials- the possibilities are endless!

Your wax seal can be used long past the wedding, seal up your thank you cards, write a lover letter, your letters to long lost friends, family members, anyone! Use it as a special extravagant touch for your snail mail! Wax Seals also sells a wide range of colours for your stamping- from red to pink, meaning you can mix it up for any occasion!

Another option is order sheets of peelable seals- no stamping required- it’s all done for you! No matter what your requirement, Wax Seals has the perfect solution to your lick and stick problem!

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