You have heard me rave about WeddingBee before! Well as I was such an addict I bought the tshirt! I should probably be slightly embarrassed but I’m just happy (how can you be anything but when you see a little bee buzzing?) WeddingBee is my favourite wedding blog and has introduced me to so many others like Style Me Pretty and Manolo for the Brides which I stalk on a daily basis.

So I thought it was only fair to support such a wonderful creation! I chose the tee with the bee character on the front and Weddingbee logo on the lower back. (I tried to take photos, but it appears shipping from New York to Australia creates a lot of wrinkles!) The above photo is courtesy of Mrs Bee!

WeddingBee is a bridal blog started by Mrs Bee which now has multiple contributors. It’s US based- but the inspiration is there for everyone and that’s why I love it! Definitely worth checking out!