Well Abbey is only a few months out from her wedding (well about 6 months!) and things are progressing! The gorgeous reception venue is booked- unfortunately the kitchen is quite small so Abbey has had a bit of trouble finding caterers that will suit her needs. The gorgeous country house doesn’t need much in the way of decoration, but what would you do?

Photography is also on the agenda but Abbey does love to look at the pretty things and so shoes have been on her mind! After my recent post of different coloured shoes and Abbey’s choice of green in her wedding, she decided on a pair of green shoes to peep out from under her dress.

She is currently lusting after this fab pair of Alan Pinkus shoes which go by the name of Lacey and retail for $249. Hint- if looking for coloured shoes for you wedding day, look under ‘Special Occasion’ rather than Bridal.

Abbey is also busily searching for her bridesmaids gowns- a lot of styles are strapless which won’t suit her bridesmaids who are well endowed. So we’re on the hunt for dresses with thicker straps and a soft fabric like chiffon in a beautiful green. Have you seen any around?

As an added bonus Abbey’s wedding dress pattern has arrived and I’m sure she will have fun with her mother making it!