Whipped pink sweet goodness

I recently read about Aussie baker Kylie Lambert on one of my favourite wedding blogs Oh Joy! here comes the bride Kylie hails from Sydney and what started as a love of baking turned into Le Cupcake!


Amazing decorations make these cupcakes almost too good to eat!

Kylie owns and runs Le Cupcake- a Sydney bakery creating divine cupcakes for all kinds of occasions- but for what we love- weddings- they’re an extra special touch! Kylie makes all the cupcakes herself and offers a wide range of flavours for both cake and icing- ranging from meringue buttercream to sour cream deluxe.

But the real creativity is in the decoration! Stenciled icing patterns, perfectly placed flowers, beautifully shaped creatures all adorn the cupcakes and turn something sweet into something amazing.


A butterfly makes a whimsical touch on a delectable white and pink cupcake

Kylie is definitely not someone I’d like to bake against at the school fete!

Le Cupcake
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