Sometimes, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and watching a wedding movie.
Here are some of my favourites, what are yours?

As an Aussie , can I really ignore that classic Australian hit Muriel’s Wedding ? Not only a great watch for one of Toni Collette’s earlier pieces, but a lovable movie that brings to life Porpoise Spit!

Ah, you can’t make a wedding movie list without the classic The Princess Bride. A must watch!

Whilst it may take awhile, I really love the last wedding in this flick! Julia Roberts is great in any movie that involves romance and humour and Runaway Bride is no exception!

Another Julia Roberts movie – My Best Friend’s Wedding definitely goes down in wedding movie history. Love the mauve bridesmaids gowns and the chasing scenes!

Classically modern romance! The Wedding Date is a great one for bad wedding planning days!

Humorous and sometimes painful, The Wedding Singer is a hilarious comedy for the retro bride!

Ah, Four Weddings and a Funeral– how could I leave this off my list? Especially when there’s FOUR weddings I can delight over! Slightly ‘vintage’ nowadays!

The Wedding Planner shows the delightful side of being a wedding planner, lovely romantic comedy for a rainy day (though perhaps not a wise choice for the paranoid bride who has hired a wedding planner!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding! I love this one, the quirky little bits, unexpected humour and touching moments are a perfect wedding movie combination!

Not strictly a wedding movie- but aside from the fact the whole movie is a beautiful love story, the opening wedding scenes in Love Actually are some of my favourites. Love it!

I of course can’t leave Father of the Bride out, it’s always been my favourite! From the beautiful lavish wedding shots to the ridiculous Frank, it has me in tears every time!