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Beautiful Ethical Jewellery - Luxury With A Conscience...

At Zoë Pook Jewellery we specialise in creating ethical wedding and engagement rings and handmade bespoke commissions.
All using conflict-free diamonds, precious gems and recycled or Fairtrade Gold and ethical working practices.

Zoë and her team very much enjoy making pieces to commission, and find that working with clients during the design process adds something special and more personal to the jewellery that they produce.

Having your jewellery made from ethically produced materials costs you nothing extra and compromises nothing in terms of quality.


Ten Sparkly Glittery Engagement Rings You Need In Your Life

With just days left to talk all things sparkle, we couldn’t let the month go by without a celebration of the sparkliest wedding day accessory of all – the engagement ring! If you’ve ever worn a diamond or a beautifully cut gemstone, you’ll know how many moments you waste when you gaze as it catches […]

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How to Keep the Sparkle in Your Jewellery at Home

Image: Emma Wright via Tropical Wedding Brunch IdeasWe can all remember the day we first put on a treasured piece of jewellery; an engagement ring, a wedding band, a gift, and just how sparkly and new it looked. It glimmers in the sunshine, you can see you face in the polished finish, you get distracted […]

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Expert Interview with Zoe Pook of Zoe Pook Jewellery

Zoe Pook Jewellery specialise in creating ethical and bespoke wedding and engagement rings that are truly stunning. Using conflict-free diamonds, precious gems and recycled or Fairtrade Gold, these quality pieces are one of a kind and a joy to design, according to Zoe and her team. Below, we chat to Zoe about the design process, […]

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Stunning Vintage-Style Engagement Rings You’ll Adore

What’s old is certainly so new again this month and that much is evident with our roundup of stunning vintage-style engagement rings you’ll adore. We’ve looked high and low for the most beautiful sparklers, that are inspired by times gone by Rings inspired by the art deco era, by the twenties, Rings that are delicate […]

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Tropical Wedding Brunch Ideas

We know evening wedding receptions around these parts, in fact, you could even say we thrive on taking our seat once the sun has set.But in the interests of showing you that there is a different way to do things, a way that might suit you and your beloved even more, we’ve got a scrumptious […]

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The Most Beautiful Opal Engagement Rings

When it comes gemstones, Australia knows how to make them and when it comes to The Australia Issue, we know how to celebrate them! From beautiful sapphires to pink diamonds and of course, the star of today’s show – opals!Opals are a stunning choice for an engagement ring (although caveat, they’re softer than diamonds, so […]

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A Land Of Gems – Australian Gemstone Inspiration For Your Bridal Jewellery

Australia is known for many things, as we’re discovering all throughout this month on The Australia Issue. From the mystical beauty of the opal to the elusive and stunning pink dimaond- have you ever considered that these Australian specialities might just be the ticket for your wedding day jewels?  Today, we’ve got all the tips […]

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What You Need to Know Before Talking to Your Ethical Jeweller

I guess the first thing you need to know is ethical jewellers don’t necessarily wear hemp trousers and have incense burning.  There’s this thing that happens when you mention the word ‘ethical’ – there is sometimes still a lingering assumption that somehow anything to do with ethical products is a bit, well, hippie…. crafty… new […]

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What Makes An Engagement Ring Ethical?

Photo Credits: Zoe Pook JewelleryIs all the greenwashing getting you down? Are you tired of sifting through information to find a product’s actual ethical credentials? Or is there just too much smoke and mirrors to even bother trying to find out?We talk to ethical jeweller Zoe Pook of Zoe Pook Jewellery to get her straight […]

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