Just another couple of mates at your wedding

We make photos + film for lovers of fun.

Think of us as just another couple of mates at your wedding (with really nice cameras).

We’ll tell the story of your day as it happened. It’s photojournalism for your wedding, but with a little more artistic license. We’re not there to create the moments – we don’t need to. We leave that up to you. What we will do is make sure we’re there to capture every emotion, every bear hug, every tear. All of it.

We get to know everyone on the day, and make sure they’re comfortable with us so that we can blend in. Making sure we aren’t a couple of strangers is the secret sauce for walking away with amazing photos + films. Often you wont even notice that we’re shooting.

It’s that easy.

Getting to know Us...
Describe yourself in three words?
Popcorn Machine Gun
Best wedding tip
Keep a change of shoes and a flask of Fireball stashed in your wedding-go-bag. Thank us later.
My favourite thing about weddings is...
The moment people can finally congratulate their mates just after they've gotten married. For those few minutes, the area at the end of the aisle turns into the bear hug capital of the world.
Your favourite cocktail
The humble Negroni