Boutique photography studio capturing beautifully natural, candid images...

Photographing a wedding is one thing, but capturing those little moments that make up your special day is something else!
It’s less about spending hours posing for photos and more about spending time with your friends, family, guests and your new partner. About enjoying the day, being relaxed and comfortable and once all that happens, amazing moments happen.

As you can see from my gallery below, I love the outdoors and love capturing emotion in my images. Real emotion. Moments that you can’t pose for or re-do.
Natural light, big wide landscapes, forests and cityscapes. We live in such a perfect part of the world it’s a pity to not capture that in your wedding images.

Your wedding day is a story. It’s got a start, middle & end. So being there from the start is important and it allows me to tell the full story. But every wedding is different, so if that doesn’t suit our day or fit your budget I’m always happy to put a package together to meet your needs.

Just get in touch, I’m pretty friendly!
I run my own business and keep as much as I can in-house. That means I’ll meet with you, I’ll answer the phone and most importantly I’ll be shooting your wedding. Plus of course I’ll be the one sorting, editing, designing and delivering your wedding images & albums!

Getting to know Us...
Describe yourself in three words?
Passionate, Friendly, Fun!
Best wedding tip
Always remember to relax! No matter what happens, you're there with loved ones.
My favourite thing about weddings is...
The unplanned, crazy, funny moments.
Your favourite cocktail
Whiskey Sour