Polka Dot Weddings is THE place for actual brides and/or grooms. We decided one special space for our couples was in need and thus, Polka Dot Weddings was born. Polka Dot Weddings is the one space for real stories written by real brides, grooms or couples together (and not a bunch of bloggers behind a desk!)

So whether you’re looking to submit your wedding, or write about your engagement and everything in between – this is the spot for you!

Does it matter if my wedding has been published elsewhere?

Not at all! Polka Dot Weddings welcomes weddings that have been published before. We only ask that when you write your story that it’s not word for word the same as other sites or magazines that may have featured it.

What will be required of me?

Once you have filled out the application form, Ms Tweed will send you an email telling you that you are now a contributor (writer) to Polka Dot Weddings. She will also send you information regarding the technical side of writing your posts for the site! Don’t worry, it’s not hard!

Important: Please ask your photographer to provide you with web-ready images that are a maximum of 1200 pixels at the widest side. Our system cannot accept files over 1MB.

I’m not the best at writing. Will someone check my post before it is published?

Yes! Once you have written your post and submitted it for review, it goes to Ms Tweed who will edit it, correct any spelling mistakes and help with the formatting of all the images.

What can I write about?

We’d love to hear all about your wedding from the proposal, engagement, outfit shopping, pre-wedding celebrations and anything else in between!

Can I write more than one post?

Of course! We welcome as many wedding planning posts both pre and post-wedding as you’re willing to write!

I’m already married, can I still share my wedding?

Definitely! When writing about your wedding, be sure to include all the details that made your day really special. Talk about the feelings you felt and if you’d like to thank people or vendors then what better way than on a guest post that they’ll read?

Ready to submit a guest post? Fill out the form below and our lovely splendid specialty blog editor Ms Tweed will be in touch with further instructions!

Contributor Application