What is a Polka Dot Wedding membership?

We’ve always offered, and been proud of the fact that our advertising model is not just set and forget. We work closely with our vendors to give them plenty of exposure, especially through producing evergreen content that stays on our site forever. For us, it no longer made sense to call our model advertising, because it is, at its core, being a member of the Polka Dot family. It’s getting to know you, working closely with you to market your business through content, and giving you many opportunities to get your name out to our readers as an expert in your field, as well as giving them the opportunity to get to know you and your style. Calling it advertising simply downplays all that we do.

How do I purchase a banner?

Our banners are available to directory members only as part of the Polka Dot Membership.

If you would like to purchase a short-term banner for an event, please contact us.

Why is Polka Dot Wedding NOT “invitation only”? Does this mean your vendors are of lower quality?

Here’s the thing, we don’t really believe that you can truly, completely review a vendor, unless you have hired and used them on your own wedding day. And we also know that everyone starts somewhere.

Sometimes, a great logo or pro photography just isn’t in a budget of a startup wedding business. They’re talented and passionate about what they do and worthy of your booking.

If we are truly to be an inclusive business, we don’t believe it is right for us to exclude businesses just because we deem them not pretty/trendy/pro/cool/luxe/hip/reviewed/followed enough. In any industry, just because someone gets plenty of press and has an amazing website, it doesn’t mean they’re going to treat you well.

We also think that you’re an adult, you know what you like, you know what makes you happy. We welcome you to find a vendor that fits you, not us.

But are there vendors you won’t approve to join Polka Dot Wedding?

Yes, because we still want to protect you, and our industry there are certain vendor types we won’t accept. We refuse to allow advertising for cosmetic and plastic surgery, diet and weight loss programs and even cosmetic dentistry. We believe you’re pretty perfect as you are without needing that pressure for your big day. Additionally, we do not allow offshore dress manufacturers who copy designer gowns and pretend they’re the real deal.

Can I pay more to get a higher ranking on your site?

We’re pretty adamant now that we want all of our advertisers to not only be treated the same, as they always have been, but also receive the same exposure. You cannot pay more and be ranked higher on Polka Dot Wedding. Our listings rotate on every session refresh, as do our banners, so everyone gets their time in the spotlight.

Do you offer a discount if I pay monthly vs annually?

Nope, we don’t want you to feel coerced into choosing one option over another, we just want you to pick the right option for you.

Do you offer discounts?

No, we don’t offer discounts on directory or banner listings. If you feel you can’t afford to pay for the year’s listing in total you have the option to pay for it monthly. We, very occasionally offer up an upgrade or special offer to those on our mailing list but have never discounted.

Do you offer contra deals?

No, we do not. Not only do we think this is unfair to other vendors who may have also liked the same opportunity, but it feels uncomfortable to us. We’d rather pay the vendors we work with in full for the work they provide for us.

Can I cancel my listing?

If you have an active subscription with Polka Dot Wedding, your subscription renews automatically until you choose to cancel. For information on how to cancel, login to your dashboard, and click on Membership FAQ’s which will show you how. Once you have confirmed your cancellation, your current advertising will be removed at the end of your paid for period.

Do you guarantee clickthroughs or sales as a result of those clickthroughs?

It is impossible to guarantee clickthroughs, conversions or sales as a result of your listing your business on Polka Dot Wedding. Polka Dot Wedding is not just about the clicks, but building your relationship with our audience and creating exposure for your brand. Being visible to our audience is key. While clicks are one part of the equation, advertising with blogs is about building relationships with readers and keeping your business visible to an engaged audience. Choosing blogs that are a fit with your style and focusing on submitting your work regularly so that readers can engage with your style and start forming a ‘relationship’ with you, to keep putting your brand in front of this audience, is key.

You mention you don’t do charm pricing or decoy pricing, what does that mean?

Charm pricing is when a price is not a round number, it might be $9.99 or $15.99. It’s also known as psychological pricing because it subtly tricks the brain into believing you are getting great value. Decoy pricing is the act of offering multiple packages, knowing that psychologically, most users will go for the middle option. Manipulating you, even if incredibly subtly, into thinking a certain way about our pricing, doesn’t sit well with us. So we’ve made sure all of our pricing are round numbers, and we offer just one package.

How can I make the most of my listing with Polka Dot Wedding?

Contribute to our monthly themed issues, contribute your own ideas in a post – in short, stand out from the crowd and let our readers see who you are! There are multiple touchpoints for a couple when booking a vendor. So we want to deliver our couples these touchpoints – such as interviews, posts, real wedding submissions, advertising, our Dream Team feature on each post you are a part of etc. to inspire them to move forward to enquire with you.  It is for this reason we send you plenty of content marketing ideas, and encouraging you to participate in these is part of the work we do, to try to assist you to market your business.

What else do you stand for?

You can read more about our commitment to creating a website that is both diverse and inclusive here.