Helping Couples Marry in Australia and Abroad...

Planning a wedding in Australia or Abroad? We can help.

Planning a wedding in a different timezone can add all sorts of complex layers on to a job that is already challenging. Many of our couples are already busy climbing up that corporate ladder, finishing post grad studies or just flat out trying to fit a social life between everything else you have going on. It’s pretty common for many couples planning a wedding, to be doing it in the midst of many other major life changes like buying a house or changing jobs. Even if you are sailing through your wedding planning experience, getting bogged down in the finer details can be such a buzz kill, especially when they can be outsourced to experienced professionals (who actually enjoy doing it!).

So if you’re thinking about throwing caution to the wind and taking the plunge here or abroad we would love to help. Unlike traditional wedding planners or coordinators, Girl Friday Weddings offers personalised service, whether it be taking care of details you did not anticipate, dealing with unexpected pitfalls or just bringing all of your ideas together. That’s why we consider ourselves to be the best wedding planners in the business.

Why choose Girl Friday Weddings? You will benefit from our award winning team with professional expertise. Our team of wedding planners are passionate, dedicated and execute each event with thoughtfulness and professionalism giving you peace of mind in the lead up to your wedding day.

So if you are looking for expert guidance in the lead up to your wedding day, ask us about how our wedding planners can help you with styling, consulting, planning or wedding day coordination. We can also assist you with any event hire or outdoor ceremony hire.

We promise to make the planning process as fun and stress free as possible, just the way it should be and we are happy to work in with most wedding budgets. The professionals at Girl Friday Weddings can take on the tasks you don’t have time for.

Getting to know Us...
Describe yourself in three words?
Work harder, sleep later.
Best wedding tip
Don't set your budget up for failure from the outset. Social media is always best consumed sober and in moderation.
My favourite thing about weddings is...
The part when the groom or the bride walks down the aisle. Always ALWAYS goose bumps and inside tears of joy (oh and relief that they both showed up!)
Your favourite cocktail
An icy cold shot of beluga.